Every year, from 1974 through 2017, the School of Computing and Mathematics at GSW has hosted a tournament for high school students from throughout the state. This tournament has brought hundreds of students to the campus in the early spring each year to compete with one another. The longest running math tournament in Georgia, the annual GSW competition has served as a model for a host of imitators. Teachers from across the state would select a minimum of four and a maximum of eight outstanding mathematics students from each school to participate. (Extra students are welcome to participate and enjoy the tournament, but only the team-of-first-eight will contribute to the official score for the school's team).

To honor the contribution of Dr. Jay Cliett and Dr. Bill Kipp, the tournament is named as "the Jay Cliett and Bill Kipp High School Mathematics Tournament" from 2018.


Should you have any questions, please contact Dr. Kailash Ghimire by email mtourney@gsw.edu or by phone (229) 931-7350.

The Portal

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